Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Back to (somewhat) normal

Phew! Hubby is finally home and getting better inch by inch. If the attending physicians had had their way, he'd still be there for at least another week, but one of the great nurses got a different doc to weigh in and he's been released on his own recognizance (Ha!) with a Rx for more antibiotics and the promise to lay low until he's truly ready to resume work.

Meanwhile, I started (actually re-started as I abandoned my first attempt to begin again with a smaller hook) a new project. Just a little sneak peek here as it will be Christmas gift for someone special. Colorful in the extreme and will be purposeful as well when it's finished.

I love what one can do with a few balls of cotton yarn and a little hook!

Oh, and I also ordered a huge pile of yummy Berroco Vintage DK yarn to make us a lovely ripple blanket for our queen-sized bed. That is going to be a very long-term project. Can't wait for the stuff to get here so I can get started!

Have a great, creative, and warm day. (It's on the verge of snowing here, can you believe that, SNOW in MIssissippi?!)

2:10PM: edited to add: Well, so far it hasn't actually snowed here, but it's very bleak and cold. Not far north of us in TN there have been up to about 5 inches of the white stuff. Will have to wait and see what happens tonight.


  1. So glad he's home; hopefully each day brings renewed health. Looks like you are about to begin a grand long term project! I hope your motivation stays strong! I've been cutting up fabric to make new patchwork curtains for our living room, not sure of the design yet, it's kind of make it up a's I go along. So far lots of 2" and 4" strips cut, mostly of greens and blues and earthy colors with some florals and contrasting white- on-whites. There are 3 windows and our front door, so it, too, may take a couple years at the rate I'm going, but you never know! So far, I've replaced curtains on my kitchen door, and my tiny sewing room. It's raining steadily here. We've had unusually mild weather, but it's about to turn colder-

  2. I love patchwork and I'm a big fan of earth colors, blues & greens especially. I definitely want you to hurry up and get them made so I can see 'em!! :-)

  3. I've been missing in action for a little bit as work has been really busy and I still don't have my routine down pat....well I have a routine but it isn't optimized for me to actually getting personal stuff done.

    Hope your hubby is on the mend.

    Funny when you first started the blog and I had trouble posting I wanted to say that I was never really taught crochet but did manage to make some cool things. But about a day before you made your first post I thought to myself it would be great to make a throw for my den sofa for cozy winter TV. Love whatever it is you are currently working on. Curious where one gets decent cotton/wool these days.

  4. Terry, have a couple of online sources for nice yarn. Check the email I sent you Sunday, 12/4.