Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rain. And a Pillow

Rain. I'd promised myself I'd go out for a walk with my camera this morning, but Fate has intervened with blowing rain. I'm not quite over a cold I've had for a couple of weeks, so won't even chance it. Stinkin' rain.

So another little Show and Tell then, right? Along with crochet, I've had my hands into another type of needlework this fall. Here is an almost finished work in progress - Swedish Weaving, also known as Huck embroidery, on monk's cloth with cotton yarn. This will be a standard size bed pillow cover. That is, once I find the right fabric for the back and decide on how to finish the edges. What do you think? I've pondered making it a welted pillow or would some sort of braid or cording be better? Decisions, decisions.

And here's a close up scan of the pattern.

I love this particular stitch pattern because it looks like little leafy shapes. I have a massive love for leaves, love to stitch them and paint them ... I do a lot of floral and nature inspired paintings and it's always doing the leaves that makes me so happy. Odd, isn't it? Oh, yes, the blossoms are beautiful and I love them ... but all those amazing shades of green (my favorite color) in the foliage just makes me swoon. I'm a leaf nut.

Well, I got up ridiculously early today and still haven't had my morning cappucino yet. Time to turn on the coffee machine and get crankin' on that foamy milky caffeine-y goodness.

Maybe it willl stop raining this afternoon...

edited at 1:27PM - well, it stopped raining but is still windy and brrrrrrr cold. So, at times like this what does one do? You guessed it, it involves calories and lots of 'em. I made an apple pie.


  1. Beautiful embroidery! Great looking pie!

  2. Joan, You may enjoy checking out my friend, Becky's blog. She does the gardening one at the top of my blog list, but if you click on her name, you will see her profile that shows her knitting blog.

  3. Thanks, Linda. :-) I will visit your friend Becky's blog, too.

  4. Hi Joan!! So great to hear from you! My email for you must have been an old one because it bounced back. Love your blog and what you are creating.. it's gorgeous. Vicki Chrisman