Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yankee in the Delta

The idea of launching an arts and crafts journal blog has been on my mind for a while now. Honestly, there’s been so much angst involved in starting that I don’t know if I’ll manage it or not, but here it is: my first post.

Why am I here, ready to put my words out into the ether for all (or none) of the world to read? Simply put, I am in a major league rut and this is my way of making a grand stab at digging myself out. You may wonder how I arrived here, rut bound (ha!) and in need of a tunnel. I shall tell you my story, little by little, day by day. And within this grand saga, I plan to share my artsy-craftsy doings and perhaps write an occasional review of one of the how-to books I’m constantly buying. I hope you’ll enjoy my musings and share yours with me once we’ve gotten to know each other.

Allow me to introduce myself. My full given name is Joan Lizbeth, hence “JoLiz” for brevity and blogging purposes. Most of my friends call me Joan or Joanie, one cherished Navy pal has tagged me with “Joaners,” and my dear hubby usually hollers “Joan Liz???” plaintively when he’s in need of something only I can provide. I’m a middle-aged SAHM, (that’s “Stay At Home Mom,” for the uninitiated) currently living in rented digs after 12 years of happy homeownership in the Florida Panhandle. I’m also a freelance watercolor artist, amateur photography buff and scrapbooker, beaded jewelry making nut, and needle crafter.  After a series of Murphy-esque events, 6 months ago I was transplanted to a very small town, smack dab in the center of the Mississippi DELTA. I capitalize ‘delta’ because that is how the natives refer to this area. “Welcome to THE DELTA!” Cotton fields surround us on all sides, the food is almost always deep fried, and the landscape is very, very flat. Last but not least, I am the proud mama of an incredibly smart, scientifically-minded son who is toiling away in his senior year at college. I miss him like crazy.

 No, I am not a southern belle, probably the farthest thing from it. Born in upstate New York, I have lived in numerous places all over the USA and in a couple of other countries. Our stint in Florida was the longest we’ve ever stayed anywhere. A military veteran, I have plenty of experience moving and resettling, meeting new people, and learning local customs. Some places have taken a bit more effort than others to break into, but I’ve always kept at it and ended up with wonderful friends and enriching experiences. *sigh* The DELTA is proving to be a very hard nut to crack. So far, not a single neighbor will say hello or even smile in passing. Not one child showed up at our door to collect tricks or treats last night. Therefore I now have 7 pounds of Halloween candy to dispose of in some fashion. (Dear Lord, please not by way of my already fat laden thighs!) The folks here, apparently, are just not interested in some nomadic Yankee woman who has plopped down in their midst without so much as a by your leave. Will I eventually penetrate their defenses? Time will tell.

Normally I would set about making new acquaintances by joining the local watercolor society or enroll in a class or two to find like-minded arts and crafts enthusiasts. Unfortunately, not a club or a class seems to exist anywhere within driving distance. I am flying solo. A blog now seems just the thing to keep my creative juices from drying up and perhaps a way to make some new, albeit virtual, friends.

So there we have it, an introduction. Phew, this isn’t as easy as some veteran bloggers make it seem, now is it? I fear my initial entry sounds rather melancholy. Not my intent at all. I promise to change the tone henceforth to that of a hopeful and happy, crafty, fun-to-read journal. I absolutely LOVE to make things, record photographic memories, and am truly passionate about painting my colorful, quirky vision of the world. It is my sincere hope that as time goes by friends and fellow craftsy folk will want to check in here to see what I’m up to and make a comment or two. So, tomorrow I will share some more photos of some of my current projects and get on with it!

Welcome to the JoLiz Journal Please stop by often. xoxo


  1. so glad you are here- you have been such a huge inspiration for me in the beginning of my crafting- I miss you so much!!!! bookmarked this is :)

  2. Thank you for being my very first visitor, Nat! :-) XOXO

  3. Hi Joan
    I've really enjoyed your opening post, you have a very unique "voice" which is good to read. I can't wait to see some visuals added into the mix, I think it's going to be a fun ride following your journey into Blogland!
    Sending lots of love to you

  4. Hi, Joan! Since I can't seem to sleep lately, got up and looked for something to do, instead of lying in bed, waiting for morning! So, I read your blog after seeing it mentioned on FacebookIt It's wonderful! Keep it up! I have a blog, too, but am lucky to post once or twice a month. Maybe if there's a quilt group in your area, you could join? Quilters are usually very happy to share their skills and have show and tell... I better keep this message short.! I, too, am a SAHM ( but didn't know it til I read your blog!)

  5. I think I've finally got to post to it Joan. Thanks - Linda